Applied CNC Machining

Using state of the art CNC machinery and streamlined processes, Applied CNC can deliver high quality real parts in a range of metals and plastics real fast. 

Our dedicated and highly skilled staff are here to help create your 3D CAD models into precision machined components.  Applied CNC is proud to offer CNC machining services to all parts of Australia and globally.

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Our Machines

With the addition of Hypermill and MasterCam to the vast software range, Applied CNC houses four large CNC Machining Centre's: two Mazak VTC200B, a Mazak FJV-250-II and a Mazak j-500 Variaxis.  These internationally recognised CNC Machines allow Applied CNC to produce a high output of precisely engineered parts. 

With our assortment of mill's and lathes, these state-of-the-art machines speed up the manufacturing time substantially, allowing the quick design process to be carried out all the way to final construction.


Applied CNC can provide customised precision engineered  parts in a range of metals and plastics including:

  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Steel

Through our online quote system you can specify which grade of material you require.  We have experience machining a wide range of materials and will source the material you require.

Contact Applied Automation for your material needs and we will be happy to help achieve your requests.

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